• Parent Support is not a New Phenomenon but My Time Inc is Bringing a New and Dynamic Perspective to it...


From the desk of Wayne Clarke….


As My Time Inc. continues to Support, Empower, Educate, and Enlighten and Uplift the parents we serve, Lucina and I would like to reflect on the past 10 years. Although there were some challenges, with persistence, determination, perseverance and guidance from the almighty we press on in the pursuit of excellence.


When Lucina first envisioned My Time Inc. to provide parent support, she was met with skepticism and encountered a litany of negativity from those within the industry. However, here we are today a vibrant agency with a parent roster that is growing at a rapid rate. Lucina is the thread that has woven deep within the fabric of My Time Inc. and can be described as an innovator due to the creation of something that is a vital component to the parents we serve and since its inception (MTI), Lucina has been on a journey of great proportion capturing the attention of her peers as well as those who perpetuate humanity while bringing attention to parent support.


Earlier this year, Lucina received The Community Champion Local Partner/Resident and Leader Award from NHS Brooklyn Community and Development Corporation Inc; The Powerful Women in Business Award by The Star Network; Autism Organization of the Year by New York Families for Autistic Children.


During My Time Inc.’s first year (2007), she received an award for Outstanding Woman of the Year from Assemblyman Nick Perry and another from Gardy Brazela of Friends United Block Association. She made an impact on our state and city legislators as well; with citations from Senator John Sampson, Senator Eric Adams Assemblyman Alan Maisel and proclamations from City Councilman Lewis Fidler, Senator Kevin Parker and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitrz. In addition, Lucina also receive a proclamation from former Senator John Sampson as well.


In 2009, she won the Brooke Russell Astor Award, it was presented by Dr. Paul LeClerc, which was held in the Trustees’ room at The New York Public Library. Danny King of Multicultural Programs of NY and NJ presented her with a Certificate of Appreciation for her outstanding contribution to humanity. She received a couple more awards the following year from City Councilman Lew Fidler, Senator Eric Adams and Senator John Sampson respectively. In addition, she was awarded two citations from Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz.


In October of 2010, Brooklyn Center for the Independence of the Disable recognized and honored her with the Mary Weinberger Award. The Distinguished Community Service Award was presented to her by Friends of Dacosta Headley (FODH) and The Brooklyn Club of the National association of Negro Business and Professional Women Inc. (NANBPWC) presented her with an Education Award. In September 2011, The Educational Ministry of Brown Memorial Baptist Church honored her outstanding work. In October, she was honored twice by St Luke Church and Brooklyn Crown Heights Lions Club.


Last year, Lucina received a proclamation from Public Advocate Bill De Blasio. CACCI honor her with the Business Visionary Award. She was recognize during an autism expo by PS 369k. The Karuna Hasler Award was given to Lucina for going the extra mile by The Brooklyn Disability Council. Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz bestowed the Dr. Susan Smith Mckinney Humanitarian Award to Ms. Clarke during an induction ceremony for “Women Her story” at Brooklyn Borough hall.


During PS 289 Career Day, Lucina was given a Certificate of Appreciation. Councilman Matthew Eugene presented her with the Community Leadership Award. Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz honored Lucina To keep “our parents” empowered and informed, My Time Inc. host a slew of behavioral and educational workshops; including our annual walk, Night out Lights on for autism and our annual Breakfast with the Chefs to name a few. “Me Time” at My Time Inc. provides recreational and social activities for the parents we serve; at My Time Inc., we believe parents need recreation as well as educational information when trying to secure services for their children….


Wayne Clarke

Director of Operations

My Time Inc..

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