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Why We Advocate

In the fight to provide critical resources to finding ways to eliminate mental disabilities for children, parents and their families need you to use your voice. They need you to speak this truth: No families who have children with any disabilities should have to face this challenge alone. They need you say that it’s an injustice when families need critical support and no support is available for them. We need to discovered what causes mental disabilities them. They need you to communicate to legislators, people, agencies and organizations with influence that more support is required.

Raise your voice for children who can’t speak for themselves. BECOME A VOLUNTEER TODAY!!!!

What Advocacy Does

When large groups of people begin to call attention to issues they feel passionate about, changes of all sizes begin to happen:

Influence the direction in which legislators cast their votes on key pieces of legislation.

Inform the way leaders of governmental agencies use resources to help those under their care.

Improve the services schools provide to children in need.

Though the change might not be immediate, steady efforts over time really do make a difference!

Special Seminars


A few times each year, we partner with the various partners to present in-person workshops on various subject matter. Subscribe to our e-news to make sure you stay informed..

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