I have Purpus…. A Father’s Story
 I went to an event today hosted by My Time Inc @theparentexperience and was overwhelmed with emotion. The event was so amazing but as I sat there consuming all the love, joy and support, I couldn’t but be moved by the lovely spirits of families, friends, parents and children whom are affected by Autism. But.. unfortunately my heart overloaded again and I had to leave. You see, 9 years later it’s still so difficult for me to deal with our circumstance as our daughter, Riley is on the Autism Spectrum as well. So many emotions run through me. To be very candid I break down like this all to frequently. But, the love I receive from my wife and being able to raise our beautiful daughter, Riley who loves me unconditionally makes me hopeful. Yet and still I am human and at times I question myself to no end. Am I a good father and husband? Am I being what my daughter needs me to be? Am I doing enough? There so many emotions that run through me on a daily basis. I know I still have so much growing to do emotionally but I sincerely hopes this makes me better in the process. So I kindly ask of you to please pardon my crying. I just get so choked up when I look at these children and adults whose circumstance is so much more challenging than most of you will ever know. Well, I gotta go folks. Now it’s time channel this emotion into a force for good. I Have Purpus, I hope you do too.