Budget-Friendly Tips to Help You Tackle Back-to-School Disasters… By Janice Russell

Summer is coming to a close, and your kids are going back to school. However, are you and your kids really ready for the back-to-school season? If you want to avoid some common disasters when it comes to getting back in the groove for school and save money, then you need to read through these helpful tips.
Buy New Looks for Less

 One thing kids of all ages get excited about when it comes to back to school is shopping for new outfits. With growth spurts happening all the time and last-minute clothing-related disasters, it can be costly to keep up with your kids’ clothing needs for school. Before you start shopping for this year’s wardrobe, look for coupons and promotions from Macy’s; cashback offers and promo codes from Old Navy; and discounts and deals from Kohl’s so you can save money when you buy back to school gear for your kids. Even if you have the wardrobe down, it can still be a challenge to convince your kids to get dressed without tantrums, especially if they are younger. Try organizing outfits and putting together a rewards system to enforce good behavior.

 Create a Better Morning Routine

 A streamlined morning means less stress for you and more success in school for your children. To get your mornings off to a good start, make sure your kids are getting enough sleep at night. A good night’s sleep has been shown to improve school performance, so you definitely want to take steps to enhance sleep for your kids. Some ideas for boosting sleep include keeping their room dark, turning off screens a few hours before bed, and sticking to a regular routine, even during weekends and holidays. If you have cranky kids to deal with in the morning, there are some simple ways to wake them without stress. For an easy trick, try turning the light on in the mornings and letting kids wake up naturally or using a nightlight to gently help them wake. If you need to pick up a nightlight or other sleep aids, check for discounts from retailers like Walmart to save you money. You can also set a tone for a positive morning by starting positive yourself with some gentle yoga or a positive intention. Helping your kids find a better groove in the morning can help them find their groove for the rest of the school year.


Set Up a Dedicated Study Space


It’s not uncommon for kids to have homework on their very first day back to school. Make sure your home is set up for success with a dedicated homework space. First, pick an area in your home that is free of distractions, such as televisions, windows, and even other children if possible. However, this doesn’t have to be an entire room to work; you can set up a study space in a corner or nook in your home. Make sure there is room for a supportive chair and the perfect desk to peak your kids’ interest in learning at home. Get a desk that is proportionate to the child using it. For example, little kids need a kid-sized desk but teenagers can typically use a normal sized space. You also need to make sure there is plenty of room for storage for essential study and school supplies. When you need to stock up on supplies, take advantage of daily sales to cut costs on sites like Amazon, where you can get free shipping too.

Going back to school doesn’t have to cause your family stress or max out your budget. You can cut costs and cut out everyday drama with a few simple back-to-school tips. Look for promos, coupons, and cashback offers before you shop for clothes and supplies, and be sure to plan your day so that your kids are ready for success! Good luck with the school year, and good luck getting it off to a positive start for everyone.

Photo Credit: Pixabay