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Being the sibling of an individual with autism is a concurrently rewarding and challenging role. Children and teens who are both older and younger siblings of individuals with autism may find themselves in situations that their close ones may neither face or experience typically. When interacting with your sibling or teen, it’s important to acknowledge their feelings without being judgmental.


Sibling Support Group

  • Conduct special social time for the siblings
  • Comfortable environment to express oneself
  • Teach strategies to help sibling deal with their brother/sister disability
  • Form a network system for the siblings
  • Various links to organizations relating to child’s disorders as well as parent support resources.


We also have various facilities created that would help and support in the treatment of children who are specially abled.


Music Room

Music therapy is the specialized use of music by a credentialed professional who develops individualized treatment and supportive methods of children with disabilities.

  • Trained music therapist
  • Engagement in various musical activities
  • Parents have the opportunity to participate in these music activities
  • Children will explore musical instruments
  • Addresses social, emotional, physical, cognitive, sensory and spiritual needs
  • Music and imagery


Play Room

  • Designed just for kids
  • Child friendly atmosphere filled with art and crafts, toys
  • Children can play board games
  • Increase socialization skills in peers
  • Supervised program by qualified volunteers


Child Care Service

  • Provided only when parent participates in support group meetings
  • Database of qualified individuals will be accessible to parents if and when needed
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