• Parent Support is not a New Phenomenon but My Time Inc is Bringing a New and Dynamic Perspective to it...

The parent experience at My Time Inc consist of 5 programs where parents meet in a nonjudgmental environment to share their experiences and give solutions and comfort to each other.

The children will always get the services but who is looking out for the parent?  Who is supporting them when they feel overwhelmed or even when it may be difficult for them to find or get support within their own family?

My Time Inc want to full that  void. The most amazing aspect they themselves are building positive and healthy relationships and supports from each other and finally understanding that they are not alone.


As a parent of a child with autism you are your child’s best advocate. It is ultimately your responsibility to assure your child is receiving the appropriate services.

First, it is important to educate yourself on ASD and in particular your child’s disability.

Second, collaborate with your child’s teacher and school while forming a good relationship.

Third, understand your rights under the law, which will be the key to your success.


Behavior Management Education

  • Understanding Autism: the First signs
  • Understanding Applied Behavior Analysis anal applying the principles at home
  • Different Methodologies and Strategies for working with a child on the Autistic Spectrum
  • Positive Behavior Management /Utilizing positive and supportive behavior techniques
  • Encouraging Good Behavior
  • Reducing /Eliminating Negative Behaviors and replacing appropriate behaviors
  • Establishing Cooperative Behavior in the Home and in the Community
  • Creating a Structured Home Environment and Teaching Adaptive Life Skills
  • Using Visual Cues/Strategies to help the Child with Autism communicate
  • Communicating and collaborating with my child’s teacher
  • Social Stories

Community Awareness


As the community  knows  and becomes more aware about the disorder  there is a  shift towards others  being empathetic  rather than sympathetic to the families in the community.  Our continuing workshops strives to accomplish this task with the DD population and the broader community. Community Awareness component comprise of collaborating with the community leaders, schools, churches and organizations in having forums, discussions and events about Autism.


Parent Education/Behavior workshops


Parents attend workshop on understanding their child’s disability. Their are educated on how to obtain the appropriate resources for their children.

Workshops are conducted on how parents can deal with stress of caring with their child/ren with autism and developmental disabilities.

Parents are empower with the knowledge of knowing they rights for their children.

Parents are taught about entitlements,benefits and behavioral strategies which enables them to be better advocates  for their child.


Me Time


A quality and effective social and recreational program which provides for ten parents, grandparents and/or caregivers of a children with Autism, living at home, one day a month to better foster communication and interaction between themselves and the broader community. My Time Inc. saw the need for a “Me Time” from the frustrations of many parents not finding or making time and feeling unable emotionally or physically to properly provide for their child. These activities include Bowling, Movies, Broadway Shows, Operas, Galas to name a few.

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