• Parent Support is not a New Phenomenon but My Time Inc is Bringing a New and Dynamic Perspective to it...

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E-Circle of Support


E-Circle of Support


What Supporters are Saying

My Time Inc is truly a one of a kind and very much needed organization that focuses on the one aspect every other special needs group tends to overlook :the mental, emotional, and moral support of the parents.

Patrick Dalton (Parent)

Great advocacy group. Offering excellent workshops and support

Kelvin Barry ()

I had the Pleasure of meeting Ms. Lucina Clark at D75 parents Meeting and I was so impressed with her that I volunteered my Ahjaah to sing at Brooklyn Borough Hall for Autism Awareness! And we are here again in Brooklyn to support Autism Awareness!

April 2


D Patricia Jewitt (Union Rep... TWU Local 100)

I strongly recommend My Time Inc. the entire team live out the mission statement.
they are committed to not only give support they give love to any and every human they encounter.

October 19, 2018


Gloria Moranchie (Retired)

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Parent Support is not a New Phenomenon but My Time Inc is bringing a New and Dynamic Perspective to it…


MTI Parent

My Time Inc has been a source of strength and inspiration for me as a single parent with a special needs child. When first diagnosed it was like mourning the life and future my child may never experience. Putting my daughter in special education, getting her services was something I struggled with alone. The stress and worries over was I doing everything I could for her, plus guilt over not spending more time with my oldest regular education child was overwhelming and I was emotionally exhausted. Around that time I met Lucina at a service kind of event and was introduced to My Time Inc. It took time and courage to contact My Time and attend an emotional wellness meeting. I wasn’t used to socializing or everyone sharing their struggles, and having to participate in the process. Now it’s a year or 2 later. I can say how important My Time, it’s staff and members have been to me and my family. Even before I received a recent cancer diagnosis and needed surgery and am struggling to recover slowly, My Time has been such an important source of support and strength. Bringing my 18 year old a birthday gift when I missed her birthday due to a medical procedure, getting me a ride to a presurgical appointment when I ran out of options. Giving me flowers and a smile while driving me to the hospital. My Time is full of hard workings and caring people and is an important resource for me and many others. Thanks so much My Time Inc


Harold Jones

MTI Grandparent

His conversation: “Great Night My grandson Javan shocked his Mom by requesting that his Granpa take hime to the movies.  We saw Peter Rabbit his choice, no problem at all.  In 2016, I couldn’t even touch him”.  The Lord allowed me to meet Lucina and Wayne and I Love it”…

Sent by Text March 3rd 2018

Hilrett Laird

MTI Parent

My Time Inc is the place for parents with children who has any type of disability. Love this organization.

FB… February 21st 2018

Nicole Lafayette

MTI Parent

I am blessed to be a part of My Time Inc. They are doing a excellent job of giving advice and support to all the mother’s, father’s, grandparents of disabled children they have helped me and so many others and today and always I’m thankful and blessed to have met such a wonderful group of people big thanks for all you guys do and keep on doing keep up the great work!!!

FB… January 17th 2018


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